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Downsizing Storage Tips

With our downsizing storage tips, you can become a downsizing pro. Whether you are moving or just reorganizing, downsizing can be tough. Sometimes letting go of items is not the easiest, but if your belonging is damaged or irreparable, it may be time to recycle or trash it.  If you have not used an item in the last year, it may be time to donate it. Storing your items that are sentimental, valuable, or seasonal is also an option. Stop by the office today—we are here for your storing needs!

Just a few of the tips listed below include storing frequently used items in the front of your unit, packing items closer together to keep moisture out, and using uniform size boxes for easy stacking. Read on for even more helpful tips!


college storage

How to Prepare for College Storage

college storage


Do you have a place to store all of your dorm items? We have college storage options! Renting a storage unit near school not only makes getting ready for next year easy, but it also helps keep your belongings secure and in great condition! Storing all of your dorm items, such as linens, a mattress, and various dorm furniture, becomes a breeze. All of your items are then ready when you start next semester! Check out the tips below to prepare for college storage over the summer:


  • Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap and packing material. This will help keep them safe and secure until you need them.
  • Ask about student discounts on moving and packing supplies. Just bring your student ID with you and ask the property manager!
  • Make sure you have plenty of storage supplies: bubble wrap, boxes, bags, totes, etc.
  • When storing bedding or clothing, garbage bags make better use of space than a box. They can fit in tight spaces and keep items protected.
  • Always use a cover for your mattress and box spring. This will prevent any dirt from reaching it and keep it in great shape.


college storage


When you are looking for a place to store your dorm items, keep us in mind for college storage! We can help make your transition to and from college easier.

Storing Outdoor Gear

Tips for Storing Outdoor Gear

Storing Outdoor Gear

Don’t let your outdoor gear take up your precious space at home, save the space and keep it safe in a storage unit.


Not many people have an unlimited amount of space for storing outdoor gear and as we all know, once you get in the outdoor spirit it is hard to stop at just buying the basics. Before you know it, you have accumulated aisles 10-14 at the local sporting goods store. Have no fear, with the easy access of a storage unit close to home, you can have it all!


Have a yearly hunting trip that will require access to your gear in the wee hours of the morning? Remember to plan ahead and ask about access hours! Most facilities can offer you 24 hour access for a small fee. Ask about the possibility of 24 hour access if this does not already apply at your facility.



Be sure to check inside your kayak or canoe for small animals using it as shelter before storing them indoors.


Always cover your kayak or canoe even if it is stored inside to prevent bugs from getting inside and damaging any foam or rubber materials.


Low temperatures can potentially damage inflatable kayaks because of the material that they are made of.


If you can’t afford to buy a rack for your personal boat you should store it against a wall on its side.


Depending on how much gear you plan to store, your kayak or canoe would fit nicely in a 5×10 or 10×15 unit.

Storing Outdoor Gear

Camping Gear

Lay out all of your gear and organize it.


Take inventory of everything.


When storing outdoor gear, be sure to clean your items before storing-especially cooking gear to avoid any hungry critters.


Make sure tents, sleeping bags etc. are dry to avoid mold and mildew.


Label your boxes according to the contents.


When packing make sure you don’t over pack an item making it too heavy to lift.


Avoid storing propane tanks, lighter fluid and any other flammable materials in your unit.


Remove batteries from flashlights, GPS and headlamps to avoid any leakage or corrosion.  Store the batteries separately.


Follow these tips for storing outdoor gear and you will not only have more space in your home, but your gear will also be safe and secure!



Keeping Your House Organized Room by Room

No one likes the thought of organizing rooms in your house. Cleaning up the living room, sorting items in the kitchen, or organizing the garage-all of these tasks can be time consuming or stressful. Let Trumbull Self Storage help you get started with some organization ideas and tips! We have prepared tips to help you organize your home room by room. Check them out below!




Living Room

The living room is often the most used room in the house. Since it is frequently occupied, the living room can tend to accumulate papers or other clutter throughout the room. A wastebasket can help you avoid this issue, and if you get one that matches the theme of the room, it will just be extra décor. Things like magazines and papers can be organized with a file cabinet or dresser. To prevent toys from gathering throughout the room, make corners or specific areas into play locations. These locations can have bookcases or various bins to help keep toys organized. Most living rooms also have a coffee table, but few people realize they can use the space under it for storage. Rolling baskets or storage cubes are perfect for this. Finally, places like behind the sofa can make great storage spots if you hide a trunk or small storage bin there. These make the perfect spot to store blankets or pillows for guests.



Everyone knows that keeping a bedroom clutter free and organized is difficult. However, there are some tips that can help you stay on top of organization in your bedroom. Under the bed is a great place to add storage bins, since items tend to accumulate here anyway. This helps keep the items organized and easy to sort through. Since closets can often become messy, use a shoe rack to help organize items. Vertical storage, such as tall cabinets or shelving, are a great way to open up floor space while still adding storage. Finally, although it may sound odd, making your bed is a good way to keep your room organized. This helps to prevent you from storing items on it, all while making your room more organized and clean.





From pots and pans to cooking ingredients, the kitchen can often be difficult to keep organized. Something as simple as a homemade pot rack can help to keep your cookware sorted and ready to use. By using a handrail and some “S” hooks, you can make your own pot rack. For cleaning items like gloves or sprays, a great spot for storage is under the sink. Small hook hangers make organization easy and keep wet items like gloves or towels hanging up to dry. Finally, spice racks or displays are a good way to not only add storage, but also add décor. You can use normal glass jars and decorate them to match your room.



Bathrooms are often the room everyone hates to tackle with cleaning or organizing. However, with a few tips and tricks, organizing your bathroom can be simple. Start by adding some over the toilet furniture to the room. This is a great spot to add storage since it doesn’t take up any extra room, and makes a great place to keep items like toilet paper and towels. If your shower or bath has lots of different shampoos or soaps, get a shower caddy or bin to keep them in. This not only keeps them organized, but also helps to prevent soap buildup on the surface. Adding a plastic storage bin under the sink is another great way to organize the bathroom. Use the bin to store hair and personal care products. This keeps them off the counter, making the room look much cleaner and stay that way!





One major way to improve storage in a garage is to add wall storage. There is many ways to do this, such as various types of racks or hooks. Use the wall storage to hang tools like shovels or rakes and keep them out of the way while remaining organized. If you have a work bench in your garage, some cabinets or shelving near it can help to keep it uncluttered. Finally, ceiling storage is a great way to add space to a garage. Just like wall storage, there are many ways to do this. Some examples are platforms and storage hooks. Use this new space to store items that are large or bulky, such as ladders or bikes. With these tips, the garage will stay organized and clean!



A playroom is often the most cluttered room in the house. Toys are a difficult thing to keep organized and sorted. You can start by re-using other items from various rooms in the house, such as laundry bins or hanging shoe organizers. These items make a great way to add storage to a playroom for items like stuffed animals or other toys like trucks. Clear storage bins are also a great way to add stacking storage. This helps kids know where to put toys away, and since they are clear, they can easily find the toys they are looking for. Storage that doubles as seating is another way to add efficient storage to the room. You can even build your own-a simple window bench with a lid on it keeps toys hidden while adding a place to sit or play. Follow these tips, and your playroom will remain clean and toys will be organized!


With these tips in mind, organizing rooms in your home should be a breeze! Check out our other blog posts for more tips and tricks about organizing and storing your items.




5 Quick Tips For Storing Your Clothing

Are you hesitant about storing clothing? It doesn’t have to be scary! Cleaning out your closet, whether for season changes or moving, doesn’t mean you to have get rid of your clothing. Storage can be an extension of your closet. Here are some tips for protecting your clothing in storage.

5 Quick Tips for Storing Clothing:

  1. Wash or dry clean all clothing and jackets before storing. Dirt, oils, perfumes or stains on unclean clothing will attract many insects, especially in high temperatures.
  2. Store clothes in an airtight container or bin. Throw in some cedar wood blocks or lavender to keep moths and insects away from snacking on your clothes.
  3.  Purchase any form of Damp-rid and place it in your storage unit. Damp-rid will keep humidity away from your belongings.
  4. Use appropriate hangers for heavier items like coats and ski pants. It’s important to have some solid hangers for your winter gear so that they won’t get damaged.
  5. Stuff newspaper in your boots to help them hold its shape. Do not store them all into one plastic bag. The soles and heels of boots can damage the other boots in there.