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Downsizing Storage Tips

With our downsizing storage tips, you can become a downsizing pro. Whether you are moving or just reorganizing, downsizing can be tough. Sometimes letting go of items is not the easiest, but if your belonging is damaged or irreparable, it may be time to recycle or trash it.  If you have not used an item in the last year, it may be time to donate it. Storing your items that are sentimental, valuable, or seasonal is also an option. Stop by the office today—we are here for your storing needs!

Just a few of the tips listed below include storing frequently used items in the front of your unit, packing items closer together to keep moisture out, and using uniform size boxes for easy stacking. Read on for even more helpful tips!



Swap Out Your Seasons

Swapping-out-SeasonsSwap Out Your Seasons

Last month we told you how to store your winter clothing so that nothing gets damaged. Check out that blog here. This month, we are getting ready to start packing up the summer gear and putting it into storage while taking out the fall/winter items. It can be a stressful time for a first time self-storage renter. We have put together some helpful instructions to make your storage experience a breeze and save you countless trips to and from your storage unit.

There is a lot involved in planning your trip to your storage unit.

  1. Sort your belongings that you are taking to your unit and place alike items into piles. Properly pack each pile. Use moving blankets, totes, and sturdy cardboard boxes to keep your belongings from getting damaged. If you need packing supplies, we have an assortment in the office that you can purchase.
  2. Keep a list of the items you are storing so you know what you have in your storage unit each time you swap items out every season.
  3. Plan in advance what is coming back with you before you go to drop off your items so you don’t have to take multiple trips to and from your unit.
  4. Travel to your unit with the items that you are dropping off and enough boxes, blankets, and totes to bring home the items you were storing.
  5. When you arrive at your storage unit, remove each item that you plan to take home with you from your unit. Clean up and clear out the space to start unloading your vehicle. Pack up your items that were stored and pack them carefully into your vehicle and enjoy them for the start of the new season!

5 Quick Tips For Storing Your Clothing

Are you hesitant about storing clothing? It doesn’t have to be scary! Cleaning out your closet, whether for season changes or moving, doesn’t mean you to have get rid of your clothing. Storage can be an extension of your closet. Here are some tips for protecting your clothing in storage.

5 Quick Tips for Storing Clothing:

  1. Wash or dry clean all clothing and jackets before storing. Dirt, oils, perfumes or stains on unclean clothing will attract many insects, especially in high temperatures.
  2. Store clothes in an airtight container or bin. Throw in some cedar wood blocks or lavender to keep moths and insects away from snacking on your clothes.
  3.  Purchase any form of Damp-rid and place it in your storage unit. Damp-rid will keep humidity away from your belongings.
  4. Use appropriate hangers for heavier items like coats and ski pants. It’s important to have some solid hangers for your winter gear so that they won’t get damaged.
  5. Stuff newspaper in your boots to help them hold its shape. Do not store them all into one plastic bag. The soles and heels of boots can damage the other boots in there.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Trumbull Self Storage along with the Monroe Chamber of Commerce held an official ribbon cutting ceremony on January 17, 2015.  Thank you to everyone who came out! We had a great time and proud to be part of this community.

From left to right: Alicia Faye, Vice President Monroe Chamber of Commerce; Tom Restive, President and owner Always Best Care Senior Services and Director Monroe Chamber; Guy Gallo, former relief manager, supporter and friend of Trumbull Self Storage; Jean Romano, Property Manager for Trumbull Self Storage; Keith Romano, owner Trumbull Self Storage, Spring Hill Properties, Romano Properties and R&R Landscape Design; Ray Giovanni, Asst. VP and branch manager, Union Savings Bank, Director, Monroe Chamber; Joanne Mesite, relief manager Trumbull Self Storage

030 033 038 About Trumbull Self Storage: The property is comprised of approximately 42,140 square feet of rentable storage space comprising 362 total units.  The storage units include 278 temperature controlled units and 34 drive-up access spaces. This location is the first self-storage in Trumbull, CT. The facility also features covered loading/unloading area, complimentary wifi and business accommodations, moving supplies, advanced security and monitoring, and a spacious lobby. The property is conveniently located in Fairfield County, in order to serve the cities Trumbull, Monroe, Shelton, and Bridgeport. For more information on Trumbull Self Storage, visit www.trumbullselfstorage.com or call 203-816-0654.   The facility is locally-family owned, but managed by Storage Asset Management, Inc, of York, PA.